Director's Desk

To stretch,to aim higher,to explore.
Totrend un walked paths,to forge new roads.
To reach the pinnacle,and then go well beyond.

Its gives me great pleasure to lead as 5the director of rajat Martime Academy that has crossed the milestones of its successs and heading towards to new horizons.Human greatness is measured by power of thoughts.True knowlege consists in possessing ideas of universal validity it should be creative ideas that really change and beahaviour of a person who possesses them.

It can not be gainsaid that today a carees in shipping industryisvery challenging, demanding, and rewarding, it is one of the best profession in the world. It provide a unique oppertunity for visiting foreign lands and experience varied culture and way of life. Rajat Maritime Academy is established in order to meet this requirement.The sole motto of this esteemed academy is to provide outstanding, prompt, punctual and personalized service to any youngster who has longing to join the merchant navy.

We afford integrated multi disciplinary expertise in marine research education and innovation ,besides we have been providing fair placement to the student of our academy and they are sailing around the world with hand some emolument. It would not be exaggeration to say that today there is hardly any career which can fetch such high emolument at such a younger age that the merchant navy offers.

However before I sign is obligatory on my part to express profound indebtedness to reversed guruji sri Shankhdhar Upadhyay whose contnuous guidance and inspiration helped the academy in reaching to greater heights.with the active cooperation of all those associated with the academy ,the academy is all set to touch newer glories in marine field.The seeds of advancement are sown.




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